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Padang Beach is a beach located in the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. This beach is located in a dense urban area in the District of West Padang. With an estimated population of 939,112 as of 2018, it is the 16th most populous city in Indonesia and the most populous city on the west coast of Sumatra. Padang is widely known for its Minangkabau culture, cuisine, and sunset beaches. In 1906, Padang along with Palembang became the first populated places in Sumatra to achieve city status

Padang is a common transit point for surfers travelling to Batu Islands and Mentawai Islands, and for tourists visiting the West Sumatran highlands. Padang beach (known as Taplau or Tapi Lauik) which located from Samudra Street until Puruih, is well known for its beautiful sunset and hundreds of food stalls. Kuranji River flows in Padang and on top area of the river at Batu Busuk, Lambung Bukit sub-district is suitable for white water activities. Bungus bay, to the south of Padang, is suitable for swimming and boating. There are some pleasant offshore islands near Bungus, such as Sikuai island and Pagang island. Many beautiful spots which can be visited for snorkelling, fishing or just relaxing on the white sandy beaches.
Currently, Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) of Padang has established development plans “Padang Old City” in Kampung Pondok, South Padang district as a tourist area.Mayor of Padang has been designate 73 historic buildings as cultural heritage of Padang.

Here is a great video showing the biggest surf to hit the beach this year. Shot in 4K padang Padang is a surfers paradise and should be on every surfer bucket list.

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